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The Aerospace Growth Partnership (AGP) is a strategic partnership between the UK Government, industry and other key stakeholders, established to secure the future of the UK aerospace industry in the face of an ever changing, and increasingly competitive global landscape. This partnership is intended as a vehicle to tackle barriers to growth, boost competitiveness and exports and grow the number of high value jobs in the UK.

UK companies have world-class strengths in advanced systems such as landing gear, actuation, avionics, fuel and power supply, and continue to deliver innovative ways of providing services such as maintenance, repair and overhaul. In addition, the UK is one of only a handful of nations with the range of capabilities needed to design and build advanced helicopters.

Industrial Strategy: Aerospace Sector Deal

Understanding the need to maintain manufacturing capability as well as driving wider growth, the UK Government has identified aerospace as an area for special focus in its policy for revitalising the British economy in June 2018 – Industrial Strategy: building a Britain fit for the future. Then in December 2019 the Government released the Aerospace Sector Deal. This deal builds upon the strong relationship Government has with industry through the Aerospace Growth Partnership and support the Industrial Strategy’s Grand Challenges, regional prosperity and the delivery of the Government’s skills priorities. 


The AGP is focused on the following themes, each with its own Working Group made up of Industry and Government representatives:

  1. UK Aerospace Strategy
  2. Manufacturing & Supply Chain Competitiveness
  3. Sector Skills
  4. Engagement and Communications
To find out more about these Working Groups please click here
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