Aerospace Technology Institute

Accelerating Ambition – The ATI’s Technology Strategy launched in November 2019.

The Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI) began life as the Technology Working Group under the Aerospace Growth Partnership (AGP). Recognising the need to develop an independent strategy for Aerospace technology, the ATI was formed in 2014. The Institute, working collaboratively with Government, industry and the wider UK Aerospace Eco-System, sets the UK’s Aerospace technology strategy to reflect the sector’s vision and ambition, helping the UK realise growth by creating an ambitious portfolio of Research & Technology (R&T) projects. The ATI is backed by a joint Government-industry commitment to invest £3.9 billion up to 2026.

Enabling innovation and seeking value creation opportunities for UK plc is central to the ATI’s philosophy. By encouraging, creating and unlocking these opportunities, their aim is to improve the competitive edge of the UK Aerospace sector at home and abroad. As UK Aerospace ambassadors, the ATI are committed to position the industry as a global technical leader, encouraging investment in world class manufacturing and product technology.

What they do

The Aerospace Technology Institute will facilitate connections between researchers and across disciplines bringing together academics and industrialists acting as the natural broker of high performing research programmes.

This fresh and innovative approach will stimulate breakthroughs in the UK’s product technologies as well as manufacturing capabilities.

As well as being a pivotal capability in the UK, the Aerospace Technology Institute will exert a wider international influence as an advocate for UK aerospace technology and manufacturing research.

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