UK Aerospace Research Consortium

As a bi-product of the Aerospace Sector Deal, issued in December 2018, we saw leading aerospace universities create a national consortium to provide the global aerospace community with a centralised point of engagement to the UK’s top university aerospace research capabilities. The UK Aerospace Research Consortium (UK ARC) seeks to enhance the flow of highly qualified aerospace engineers of the future, through closer integration of graduate and postgraduate learning provision. Through the combination of networked national facilities, integrated learning of the highest quality and a central point of access, UK ARC is aiming to make a significant contribution to the UK’s presence within the aerospace sector.

Dr Simon Weeks, Chief Technology Officer of the Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI), said: “At the ATI, we welcome a strong and co-ordinated university research base that is able to support the aerospace sector and further develop the UK’s international reputation for high quality research. The UK-ARC initiative, led by a number of the UK’s leading aerospace universities, represents a significant step forward in creating a national entity that can co-ordinate and promote the excellent work undertaken by our leading academic teams.”

11 Universities are part of the consortium so far, including founding member universities: University of Bristol; University of Cambridge; Cranfield University; Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine; University of Manchester; University of Nottingham; Queen’s University Belfast; University of Sheffield; University of Southampton and the University of Strathclyde.

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