The AGP Strategy Working Group is responsible for developing an industrial strategy and shared vision for UK’s aerospace industry with the objectives of creating long-term growth, productivity and skilled jobs for the nation.

Additionally, the Strategy Working Group focusses on the implementation of the industrial strategy by assigning strategic themes to and across AGP workings groups for the development of specific action and initiatives and at the same time ensuring all the working groups are aligned to the overarching aim.

Strategy Working Group main achievements:

  • Industrial Strategy development and continuous validation culminating with the following strategic documents: ‘Means of Ascent’ (2016), ‘Flying High’ (2014), ‘Lifting Off’ (2013) and ‘Reach for the Skies’ (2012). 
  • 6 Strategic Competency Analysis (SCA) whitepapers. The SCA outcome enables decisions to be made about a product’s strategic importance to the industry therefore aids strategic decision-making about investment to deliver the UK with a balanced portfolio over the short, medium and long-term time horizons. Documents are restricted and UK Confidential, applications for the documents can be sent via the contact tab in the above menu.
  • Facilitate workshops and meetings to effectively inform and disseminate research and work.
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